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Decree n.93/Gb

Considering that some American Brothers residing in Italy decided to establish in Naples a Masonic Lodge  at the Obedience of the Grade Orient of Italy,  having the title "The Harry S. Truman Lodge".

Seeing the opportunity of the said foundation; having heard the favorable opinion of the Board of the WW.MM. in Naples, and that of the Grand Master and Grand Officers of the Grand Orient, in the meeting of the 16th day of March, 1963.

A Masonic Lodge is regularly established in Napoli with the title "The Harry S. Truman Lodge" N.649. This Lodge will follow the American Rituals and shall use in its works the English language. 

Given in Palazzo Giustiniani, in the Tiber Valley, at the Orient of Rome, the 16th day of the 1st month of True Light Year 0005963,  and  the 16th day of March, A.D. 1963.

By the order of Grand Master, Giordano Gamberini 

and signed  by the Grand Secretary, Umberto Genova

The roster of the 24 Brethren that were an integral part of forming the lodge:

1 - Wagner George R.

2 - Saylor Kenneth D.

3 - Worthy Herbert

4 - Barrett Raymond C.

5 - Warren Lee Tallakson

6 - Nicol David J.

7 - Ogilvie James E.

8- Williams Thomas I.

9 - Robert Edward Haynes

10 - Ruggles George H.

11 - McIvor Frank H.

12 - Turner James E.

13 - Jack Homes W.

14 - Leonard Donald

15 - Giacobbe Wadis J.

16 - Minick Harold H.

17 - Gatlin Irvin H.

18 - Heilser Rolland V.

19 - Grimes William C.

20 - Spicer Donald

21 - Carleton Linwood A.

22 - Bullock Robert M.

23 - Sandberg Carl John

24 - Tissen Phili J.C.


Circa 1979 Via Vecchia Licola, 16 Masseria Convento Arco Felice, Pozzuoli It

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